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We send a great big 'Thank You!' to the Denton family members who share their treasured family photos with us.

We greatly appreciate Herschel Denton sending this photograph of his great-grandmother on his mother's side.  She is a full blooded Native American Indian.

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The following photos are from Roy E. Denton. 

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Roy E. Denton, Sr. somewhere in North Africa during WWII.

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Roy E. Denton, Sr. and his brother Fred in the late 1930s.


Thanks to Joyce Finson for sending this picture!  It is of Albert and Viola "Sis" Denton, children of Thomas "Gip" Denton.  It was taken in 1918, probably in Montgomery or Clark County, Kentucky.

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Bennie and Janice Denton sent along the following three pictures.  Thanks so much!

This picture is of Annie Caldwell, Jesse Monroe Denton and their son, Alma Denton.  It was taken around 1900 in Colorado.  Jesse Monroe was the son of Elijah Conner and Mary Ann Simms Denton.

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This is a photo of Samuel Edward Denton, son of Elijah Conner and Sarah Jane Martin Denton.   Samuel was blinded as a child, but was very involved in genealogy.  He left Colorado and moved to Salt Lake City where he hired someone to research for him!

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Here is part of the family of John William Denton, son of Elijah Conner Denton and wife Elizabeth Evans.  Back row:  Ezekiel "Les" Denton, Robert "Rob" Denton, Samuel "Sam" Denton and Jessie Alma. Front row:  John William Denton and wife Rebecca Jane Inman Denton and their daughter Dora Denton.

David Lytton sent the two pictures below.  Thanks, David!

This is a picture of David's great-grand uncle, William Nicholas Denton (1864 - 1926).  It was taken from a book of poems that William Nicholas Denton had published in 1907 called, Songs of Scenes at Home.  He was a reporter for the Birmingham newspaper and occasionally wrote poetry for the newspaper which led to the publication of the book.

David Lytton also sent this picture of his great-grandfather, Jonas Marion Denton (1866-1945) and his grandmother, Estella Marie Denton (1899-1993).  Jonas was a farmer and was married to Delta Marie Davis (1867-1943).