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Here are some pictures from the files of Denton Family researchers!

Our Aussie Cousin, Bill Denton, sent in this photo of his great-grandmother, Ella Reed Denton (1871-1949) who died in Crawford CO, MO.  Bill lived with her as a 'wee babe'.

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This is a picture of Fenetti Marilda McCall Denton 1845-1911, wife of Isaac J. Denton, son of Samuel and Argent Coleman Denton.  Thanks to Geraldine Wilson for sending this picture of her great-grandmother!

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Thanks to Marion Paris Marriott for the following two pictures.

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David Boone Denton, Marion's great-grandfather, was the son of David Barrow Denton and Elizabeth Wade Hodge Denton.  A true "Renaissance man," David (1858-1927) was one of the first graduates of Vanderbilt University.  He 'read law' and later practiced it, edited newspapers in Princeton, KY and Winchester, TN, and lived his last years in Nashville as a draftsman.  His daughter, Lucile Denton Paris, is the grandmother of Marion Paris Marriott.  Marion is named for Lucile's brother, Marion Gray Denton.

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William Hodge Denton was a brother of David Boone Denton.  Billy was born in the early 1860s and died in his late teens.

Kaye's Denton line comes from Jonathan Denton and his wife Frances Swabey who lived in Lincolnshire, England.  She had earlier send the second group picture and has since been able to identify some of the people. 

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(From the right)
Front row:  3rd from right is Walter Denton Moore, Kaye's father.  6th from right is Clarence Denton. 
Second row:  1st from right could be Edith Denton Caldwell.  2nd would be Glen Caldwell.  4th is James William Denton, Kaye's great-grandfather and 5th is his wife, Mary Farrington Denton.  6th is Mary's mother, Sarah Jane Shannon Farrington.
Third Row:  1st and 2nd are Daisy Bell Denton Moore and her husband Frank Homer Moore, Kaye's grandparents.  3rd is Bertha Denton Hiskey and 4th is Lloyd Hiskey, Bertha's husband.
James William Denton's children were Edith Rose, Bertha, Daisy Bell and Clarence.   Kaye's father was born in 1911 and appears to be 3 or 4 in the picture above.   Some of the people in the picture above as well as the one below, are Hicksons who came from Lincolnshire England, the same area as Kaye's Denton family.

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Below is a photograph of Mary Farrington Denton, Clarence Denton and James Denton (front row) and Bertha Denton, Edith Denton and Daisy Denton.

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The following  picture shows James William Denton and his wife Mary before her death in 1938. 

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Dean Denton sent in this wonderful picture of his grandfather and siblings.  Horace Denton, age 3; Ruth Denton, age 5; and Leroy Denton, age 10 months.  The picture was taken in May 1903.  These are the children of Roswell and Mary Louise Fenn Denton.  Dean's grandfather is Horace. (More pictures of this family below.)

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Dean sent this photo of four generations!  Pictured are:  Horace Denton, Jr., John Denton, Maude Ellis White Denton, Edith Bell White and Jason Ellis.

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This is a picture of Horace Fredrick and Maude Ellis Denton and their sons Horace Fredrick, Jr. and John Richard taken about 1930.  John Richard is the father of Dean Denton.

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This beautiful photo is of Mary Louise Fenn Denton and her daughter, Ruth Louise Denton at age 4 months.  Ruth Louise was born in 1898.  Her father was Roswell Denton (1845-1923). 

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This picture from Dean was taken prior to 1916 and is of the White family.  Front row:  Alice (2nd wife) and James White Sr. (Dean's GG Grandfather).  Second row:  John White (Dean's Great-grandfather), John's sister Minnie, brother James and sister Lucy.   Maude Ellis White married Horace Frederick Denton.   (Their pictures above.)

Headstone of Roswell & Mary Louise Denton

Headstone for Roswell & Mary Louise Denton.

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Thanks to Candy for sending this picture of David Richard Denton, born ca. 1838 and Amanda Defer Denton, born ca. 1842. They lived in Texas by the 1860s.  One of their several children was Sara Jane Denton Killiam, born 1863 in Fisher CO., TX.

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Thanks to Iva Smith for this picture of her great-grandparents, Lenora Buford Plumlee (1869-1951, born Webster CO, MO), daughter of Isaac Newton Plumlee and Anna Casey,  and her husband William Rankin Bowling, (1863-, born Christopher, IL), son of John Bowling (born TN) and Grizzelle Wright (born KY).  William Rankin Bowling went to  Johnson County, Texas when he was 13.

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Mary Ann Simms and her grandson, Frank Sidney Orton.
She was the 3rd wife of Elijah Conner Denton
(son of Samuel and Eunice Conner Denton of Perry CO, TN) 
May Ann was born 14 Feb 1831 TN
died 8 Feb 1918 Colorado
(Thanks to Bennie and Janice Denton)

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Addie Myrtle Denton, daughter of Elijah Thomas Denton and Sara Mc Clanahan.
Her husband was Jessie Alma Denton, her cousin.  Jessie was a grandson of Elijah Conner Denton.  Addie was married at about age 14 and died shortly after the birth of her second child.

Thanks to Ken Slade for these pictures of three generations of Jones family members.  They are William Henry Jones and his Wife, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Denton and William's parents and grandparents.

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William Henry Jones and Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Denton (1871-1963).

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John Westmoreland Jones and Sophronia Renshaw, parents of William Henry Jones.

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Elizabeth Simpson and Henry Coxton Jones, Grandparents of William Henry Jones.

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A different Elijah Denton (1842-1920)
Husband of Lilly Emaline Boyd (1849-1937)

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This is the son of Preacher, Indian Fighter and Politician, John Bunyan Denton for whom Denton, Texas is named.

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This 200-year-old farmhouse still exists in Henderson CO, KY! 
Standing left to right are:
Dan Murray, Julius Elmus Denton II (1870-1938) behind the child Paul Albert Denton (1906-1968), Emily Isabella Royster Denton (1871-1943) who is holding Julius Elmus Denton III (b. 1908).  Next is Matilda Moss "Pink" Reeder Denton, wife of Julius Elmus Denton I (1840-1875) and Leona Liles, the housekeeper.