I am so grateful to my cousin, Kathleen Montgomery Hendricks for sharing this photo that includes my grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great grandmother. 

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Taken in 1885 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, standing in the back are Mary, Maggie (my grandmother, Margaret Jane Richardson Montgomery, 1869-1956) and Rachel Isabel Hall Richardson (my great-grandmother, 1838-1905). The boys are my great uncles, Will and Newman (standing) and Louis (kneeling).  Seated in the middle is Margaret Ann Henning Hall, (my great-great-grandmother 1810-1892) with my great-aunts Lola and Anna. 

Margaret Ann Henning Hall was born in County Down Ireland and left for America 'the Monday after her wedding.'  She and her husband, John Hall (1807-1844) came down the Ohio River on a flat boat and settled in Scottsburg.  John was killed in a log-rolling during the construction of a new Presbyterian church in Scottsburg, Scott CO, IN.

My heartfelt thanks to Abbie Montgomery Current, daughter of Ralph Clifford Montgomery,
and my brother Roy Montgomery for sending the pictures on this page.

Lorenzo Dow Montgomery (1823-1896) and Mary Guyn Montgomery (b. 1826)

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My great-grandmother, Mary Guynn Montgomery 
(wife of Lorenzo Dow Montgomery)
born 1826 in Woodford CO, KY
Genealogy of this family can be found here.

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Home of Lorenzo Dow and Mary Guynn Montgomery south of the Lexington town square.

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My great-grandfather, Lorenzo Dow Montgomery's barrel and wheelwright shop in Lexington.

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My father, Loyd Sipes Montgomery, born in Scott CO, IN in 1900
son of Seymour Wesley and Margaret Richardson Montgomery.
Grandson of Lorenzo Dow and Mary Guyn Montgomery.

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(Back) Jess, Loyd (my father) and Mary
(Front) Margaret, Mildred and Jim Montgomery, ca. 1912

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My grandparents, Seymour and Margaret Richardson Montgomery
with some of their grandchildren, ca. 1929.  Seymour was the youngest child
of Lorenzo Dow and Mary Guynn Montgomery.
The boy in the back is their youngest child Carl Montgomery, b. 1913.
My brothers are on the front row left:  Roy Montgomery (head down), Ed Montgomery and on the right in front is my brother Jim Montgomery
Even thought the rest are my cousins, I'm not sure who is whom! 

Seymourchildren.jpg (7546 bytes)
Margaret Jane and Anna Elizabeth Richardson
daughters of John Edward and Rachel Isabel Hall Richardson
born in Scott CO, IN in 1869 and 1879 respectively.
John was the son of William and Mary Ann (Coy) Richardson.
Rachel's parents were John Hall and Margaret Ann Henning Hall
who both were born in County Down, Ireland and came to America in the 1830s.

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Seymour and Margaret Montgomery and their children, ca. 1929
Standing left to right:  Mildred, Eugene, Mary, Frank,
Loyd, James, Margaret, Carl, Helen and Jesse.

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Charles Millard Montgomery  1865-1926
(my grandfather Seymour's brother)
with his granddaughters, Abbie May and Margaret Eddie Montgomery, 1925

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Charles Millard and Margaret Jane Sipe Montgomery around the time
of their marriage in 1890 in Scott CO, IN
(Charles and my grandfather, Seymour, were close in age and also close friends.
My father was named for Margaret Jane's family.)

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Charles Millard Montgomery, age six, 1871.

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Home of Charles and Maggie Montgomery about 1910

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Lexington High School (8th grade to 12th grade) ca. 1908
Ralph C. Montgomery is in the center of the second row (with dark shirt).
Roule Montgomery is 5th from the left on the second row. (white shirt and vest).
Barely visible 3rd from right in last row is Fred Pierpont, cousin of Ralph and Roule.
Fred's mother was Sarah Alice Montgomery Pierpont,
daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Mary Montgomery.
Center of the back row is the teacher, Mr. Burnsides.

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Standing front right with hat in hand is Dee Willard Montgomery, (1856-1926)
another son of Lorenzo Dow Montgomery

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Home of Charles and Maggie (Sipe) Montgomery in Lexington, IN, ca. 1910.

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Dee Montgomery is second from left.  Maggie (Sipe) Montgomery is 6th from right.

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Maggie (Sipe) Montgomery (1870-1946) ca. 1927
with her dog, Betty.

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Ralph Clifford Montgomery (1891-1957)
son of Charles and Margaret (Sipe) Montgomery

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Ralph Montgomery teaching his first school in 1911.  He was 19 years of age.